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The Style Guide section of the website addresses distinct areas of delivery, here Copy Styles hold the links to VMware Publication Guidelines. 

Copy Styles address documentation and publication that will be printed or viewed as PDF attachments.   These guidelines are mainly provided by VMware publications departments: 

  • Cover pages, Copyright, and Title pages
  • Use of text in headings, body, and footers
  • Incorporation of graphics and diagrams
  • Guides for table of contents and indices

This section provides an overview of the guidelines for all VMware® content development, based on VMware Editorial Style Guide and R&D UX Design UI Text Standards. The editorial style guide, maintained by VMware Technical Publications, details the style conventions and writing guidelines that are standard across all of the corporation’s digital and print mediums. The R&D UX team maintains UI text copy standards for VMware Products. Following these guidelines ensures a consistent voice across all VMware products and services as well as ease of translation and readability for international audiences.

Minimalist Writing

UI design should be intuitive enough to show users how to navigate through a digital experience with just a few words. Content in UI should be easy to scan allowing the user to quickly understand their required actions. Working with Minimalist Writing Guidelines helps ensure consistency, clarity, and conciseness across all VMware sites.

Some rules to keep in mind:

  • Use simple, precise language
  • Limit your sentences to a single thought
  • Keep paragraphs to two or three sentences about one concept
  • Use short, common words
  • Write the minimum amount of text needed for clarity

UI warning message: You are about to lose this content. Do you want to continue?
Page introduction: View your order history and find details for each order.
Tool tip: Get help

Do not:

  • Use humor in descriptions
  • Refer to topics involving religion, politics, ethnicity, or gender.
  • Use contractions (use “do not” instead of “don’t”)
  • Include cultural references or slang

Visit Writing Short Descriptions to learn more.

Mechanics of Writing

VMware content must follow the Writing Guidelines for grammar, style and tone. Overall, UI descriptions should include active words and sound professional. Avoid the use of patronizing, casual and redundant words and phrases.


Incorrect: Please contact your friendly VMware Customer Service Team experts. We are here to help!

Correct: For questions, contact VMware’s Customer Service Team.

Incorrect: Just hit the “Confirm” button to confirm you want to purchase this service and your transaction will be complete.

Correct: Click “Confirm” to continue.

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