Email Style - Email Template

The Email Notification section addresses the standards for email notifications defined in the Messaging Design Guidelines that resulted from the Customer Messaging Initiative (CMI) project.  Following these guidelines ensures a consistent style that is within the standards and VMware branding for customer facing, system generated emails.  This enables various business teams to be consistent in delivering VMware notifications.

Use this guidance to ensure user experience consistency of style, content organization and grammar across all VMware email communications. Messaging Design Guidelines address:

  • Headers are consistent
  • Addressing is defined
  • Various aspects of formating body content for emails
  • Footers on emails are consistent and address various aspects (contact, legal, copyright, etc.)

Other Style Guides

Web Styles Guide

For all web based apps and associated responsive layouts.

Webstyle Guide new image

Mobile Style Guide

Mobile App guidelines to insure a consistent use of elements and type.

Mobile style Guide new image   

Copy Style Guide

For printed output and documentation. (Publication Department Links).

Copy Style Guide new image
Style Guide - Breakpoints Responsive: