Mobile Style - Style Guide

About this guide

The goal of this document is to provide a comprehensive guide to the templates, styles, and and interactive design patterns that lay the foundation of the VMware mobile user experience. Consistent application of these style and interaction design pattersn creates a cohesive experience across all mobile platforms and form factors helping visitors find the information they need quickly and easly.

Though styles may vary slightly depending upon the content and context, the overall goal is to present information in a way that supports VMWare design's philosophy of simplicity and clarity in all customare-facing communications.

Who This Guide Is For

This guide was created to serve as a common visual language and resource for mobile producers, designers, and developers.

This guide is meant to be used along with the latest version of VMware's Brand Guidelines and brand-approved assets (see for more information.)

What This Guide Includes

The Mobile Styles Guide is organized in several sections which cover global elements, typography, iconography, branding elements, and navigation models.