Big Footer

Interaction Specs

Interaction Specs: 
Interaction Spec Big Footer
1. Note Non-Active Link state.

This Link is not highlighted.

2. On hover state the link is highlighted.

Link color changes.

Visual Specs

Visual Specs: 
Footer Specifications
Footer Specifications

Pattern Summary

Pattern Summary (Unity): 

Why Use This Pattern

To provide a visual anchor and a consistent base, Big Footer is located at the bottom of each page. It provides an opportunity to guide the user to informative and current business locations.  It provides the user access to navigation areas of the website, different from the main, yet frequently used.

What is the Solution

To provide a consistent Footer on all pages, with consistent content vital to the business, and for user to easily locate. It is important to add:

  • The same footer layout on all pages in the website.
  • All links to sections of frequent use in your website, news updates, newsletters signups, RSS feeds, and any other relevant business links.

When to Use This Pattern

Provide a Fat Footer to the bottom of each page on your website. Use to provide easy access to different from the main navigation areas of the website, yet are frequently used.

Do Not Use This Pattern

In place of the main navigation site.


GUI Kit contains all Unity Light theme patterns in vector format

Adobe Illustrator Download 2.1 MB
Vector PDF Download 2.7 MB

Updated November 2015